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1, Iran International Hardware & Tools Exhibition

  February 28th to March 03th, 2017, booth number: C21

2,las vegas International Hardware Exhibition

  May 09th to 11th, 2017, booth number : 5945-2




Standard Operation, Solid Job, Teamwork, Constant Improvement

It is the production staff who create output value for enterprises. Therefore, all the relative personnel are required to strictly abide by various rules and regulations as well as technical process and specifications, make an accurate diagnosis of equipment condition and operation performance in accordance with technical standards and maintenance system and keep records; emphasize teamwork, and cooperate and coordinate with each other to ensure continuality of production process; take the initiate to learn from others, consciously develop skills and seek for excellence to become qualified operators.

Collect Market Information, Improve Profitability, Boost Competitiveness

The Marketing Department performs functions such as operation and management, R&D and marketing.

Besides, it is responsible for collecting relative market information through various channels to provide enterprise with data to select target market and position products. Therefore, our marketing personnel are required to make prompt response, excel at exploration, improve profitability, increase sales level, make progress, develop core products, R&D product serials, expand business scope and boost competitiveness by doing a good job in production and operation, opening up channels and taking advantage of corporate strength.

Promise-keeping, Cost-effective and Efficient Services, Flexible Working Mechanism

Our logistics service personnel provide logistics services such as supporting enterprise production, handling routine affairs and improving staff livelihood. Therefore, they are required to serve other staff wholeheartedly, safeguard integrity, keep promises, get acquainted with service process, acquire techniques to develop business skills and dedicated, rigorous and conscientious working style and provide quality, value-added and efficient services. Additionally, they are required to size up overall situation, attach importance to overall benefits and formulate comprehensive service plans to ensure the stability, continuity and flexibility  of work flow, smooth equipment operation, reasonable personnel staffing and timely service scheduling and thus relive worries of our staff.

Sincere Communication, Honest Corruption, High Efficiency, Quality Services

Our office personnel take charge of routine office affairs, negotiations, reception, communications and paperwork processing. Therefore, they are required to show kindness, have good manner and develop communication skills to promote corporate image. Additionally, they are required to engender enthusiasm, dedicate to work, do a good job, put in good performance, combat corruption, abide by work flow and plans and fulfill tasks efficiently. Furthermore, they are required to showcase strict working style, listen to the voices of our staff, adopt working attitude of serving staff wholeheartedly, size up overall situation, provide considerate and comprehensive services and have dedication.

Do a Good Job in a Prompt Way

Corporate style refers to working attitude and operation behaviors in long-term production practice and a good style plays a vital role in doing a good job in production and operation as well as boosting efficiency.

Our staff have developed a working style of doing a good job in a prompt way, which influences us deeply and serves as management rules to ensure rigor, continuity and effectiveness of management. By virtue of our working style, the management can concentrate on working out plans and strategies, spare more time to give guidance, facilitate coordination, carry out examination and assessment, do a job in a rigorous way, size up overall situation, remain clam and uphold principles. Rigor represents respect for truth and science. The working style also showcases accurate and correct ideology and technical refinement and constitutes vital part of corporate culture and industrial style.


Manage enterprise by virtue of effective mechanisms, standardize conducts by virtue of sound systems, boost cohesion by virtue of corporate culture and promote development by virtue of innovations

We always adopt effective management ideology and concept of managing enterprise by virtue of effective mechanisms, standardizing conducts by virtue of sound systems, boosting cohesion by virtue of corporate culture and promoting development by virtue of innovations.

Manage enterprise by virtue of effective mechanisms: Corporate culture is meant to management culture. Therefore, the enterprise is required to set up a flexible management system. Enterprises enjoy status by virtue of profits while profits depend on management which rests on a good mechanism. In face of fierce market competition, it is vital to attempt to mechanism reform and stimulate corporate development by virtue of effective mechanisms.

Standardize conducts by virtue of sound systems: It is vital to set up sound systems to standardize corporate behaviors and individual conducts and sound systems are established to bring collective benefits instead of suppressing human spirit. As a special industry, ceramic industry is required to set up sound systems to ensure safety in production.


Boost cohesion by virtue of corporate culture: Corporate cohesion is derived from inner soul satisfaction and profits and corporate culture is a kind of panacea for soothing soul.

Promote development by virtue of innovation: Only by carrying out reforms in system, management, image, concept, ideology, equipment, products, quality, market and services etc can our company achieve a sustainable development.

The above management system refines our business concept and spirit and also reflects our cultural tenet.


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