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TEL: 86 0532 86611278
FAX: 86 0532 86611278
ADD: HONGTU ROAD 18, YULI TOWN, WULIAN, RIZHAO CITY, CHINA                          

WEBSITE: www.hies.icu

POSTCODE:266431                                                                                    EXHIBITIONPLAN:  

1, Iran International Hardware & Tools Exhibition

  February 28th to March 03th, 2017, booth number: C21

2,las vegas International Hardware Exhibition

  May 09th to 11th, 2017, booth number : 5945-2




Dear friends,

Perhaps we have never met before, or brushed past or established close-knit friendship. Hereby, I take the opportunity to show gratitude to customers and friends for support for ages and extend warmest greetings to business partners on behalf of Qingdao Youhe Vehicles Co., Ltd.

We always hold the core values of giving the priority to staff and safeguarding integrity, stick to the business philosophy of boosting efficiency and achieving a sustainable development and strive to provide professional, standard and timely services. Our optimistic and selfless staff are characterized by solidarity, struggle and dedication. In face of endless new tire and trolley products and fierce competition, we preserve in exploring how to create a brand image, how to market products and achieve win-win.

We believe in integrity and only by safeguarding integrity can we achieve a sustainable development.

We believe in struggling and forging ahead and only by struggling and forging ahead can we improve survive and advance with times.

We believe in innovations and only by coming up with and accepting innovations can we make progress.

Market economy is like a net, in which quality products will notch up win and inferior products will be eliminated in fierce market competition. Therefore, it is vital to ensure product quality and build up reputation to capture market instead of advertising. Additionally, we should give priority to customers and defend their interests.

In face of fierce market competition, we should abide by global competition rules and standards and only elites can notch up win. To that end, we should forge ahead, carry out struggle and optimistic spirit, change business concepts and behavioral habits unfit for market, endanger staff’s enthusiasm, come up innovations, self-surpass, generate motivation, boost competitiveness and take the lead in the industry instead of resting on laurel.

There is a long path to success ahead, we are confident that we will notch up success by providing quality products and services and relying on support from customers and friends. Hereby, I show gratitude and respect to various friends and our staff on behalf of Qingdao Youhe Vehicles Co., Ltd.

Mighty people will stand out from others by accomplishing feats instead of harboring ideas and we are hoping to enlist cooperation and create prosperity.

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