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ADD: HONGTU ROAD 18, YULI TOWN, WULIAN, RIZHAO CITY, CHINA                          

WEBSITE: www.hies.icu

POSTCODE:266431                                                                                    EXHIBITIONPLAN:  

1, Iran International Hardware & Tools Exhibition

  February 28th to March 03th, 2017, booth number: C21

2,las vegas International Hardware Exhibition

  May 09th to 11th, 2017, booth number : 5945-2




Qingdao Youhe Vehicles Co., Ltd. is an enterprise which sets up a platform for enterprise to carve out careers.

By pooling human resources, our company has accomplished great feats and it is our staff efforts that contribute to Youhe cause. By sticking to life creed of industry serving country and achieving self-development, all the staff seek to set up expert governance structure and learning organization and our company also strives to create an opportunity to enable all the staff to be properly staffed and make the most of their talent.
        Our company always motivates staff by setting long-range objectives, sets up a career development platform to nurture staff, retains staff by virtue of affection and competitive remuneration package and encourages staff to self-surpass and carve out career. Meanwhile, it optimizes talent training system and establishes “race track” for our staff to come up with innovation and become independent SBU. Our race track system embraces three principles, namely going into fair competition and appointing people on their merits, appointing staff to appropriate posts and making the most of talents and transferring jobs in a reasonable way and carrying out dynamic management. Additionally, it sets up an employment system featuring excellent employees, qualified employees and employees on probation.
        We pool human resources and conduct management to tap staff potential, place them under inner and market competitive pressure and transform pressure into motivation, which is the key to a sustainable development. Additionally, we give priority to staff and carry out staff-oriented management, attach importance to recruiting, nurturing, making the most of and training staff and appoint staff who have merits and competence, safeguard integrity and put in good performance. By virtue of fair, just and reasonable performance management, we provide managerial support for improving staff capability and performance and developing a sound managerial system featuring staff self-motivation, self-management and self-discipline.

We believe that human recourses are prime resources. Therefore, we advocate ideological innovations and managerial innovations to set up a scientific and sound human resources management system and provide a platform for our staff to carve out career and make the most of talent. Meanwhile, we encourage our staff to go into competition and embrace the concept of survival of the fittest. It is our excellent corporate culture, remarkable feats, ample opportunities, humane policies and competitive remuneration package that spur on all of our staff on to forging ahead and sparing no effort to promote enterprise development.

We build an united and self-motivated team and provide a platform for showcasing talents and taping potential, are you a qualified talent in need?

Candidates who emphasize teamwork, have a capability to adapt to new working environment, have organization and management capacity and pioneering spirit, can learn from others, communicate with others and put forward views in a honest way and give priority to time and efficiency are required. If you have confidence and dare to self-challenge and surpass, Qingdao Youhe Vehicles Co., Ltd. will provide a good opportunity for you to carve out career.


Qualified candidates are welcome to join our company.

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